Uganda 2018 – 15th May

Tuesday 15th May 2018

Up at 6.00am ready for a prompt 7.30pm departure from Kisoro. Cranmer was up to send us on the way with a prayer for safety on our journey. A comfortable and relatively new car picked us up and as we climbed over the pass between Kisoro and Kabale we found ourselves in thick early morning cloud. We encountered a lot of slow moving lorries on the road and did not pass through Kabale until 9:10am.

We then encountered a significant accident between two lorries on the steep hill down from the Kabale hills. It looked as though a lorry and trailer tried to take a sharp bend at too great a speed.

From Kabale to Muhanga we drove through steady heavy rain. Just after Muhanga we hit thick fog with visibility down to little more than a car-length in front of our vehicle. The rain intensified once we cleared the worst of the fog, so it was still very difficult to see through the windscreen!

Rain and low cloud continued through Ntungamo and the Ankole hills, and on to Mbarara. By the time we reached the Mbarara by-pass at about 11.00am then weather was beginning to lift. The road between Mbarara and Masaka is older tarmac and the traffic heavier, the humps harder to see. By the time we reached Masaka (1:00pm) the clouds had lifted somewhat and the rain had stopped.

We stopped at the Equator (but didn’t get a photo at the circles) for a lunch of guacamole and sweet potato chips at AidChild’s Equation Cafe’ and Gallery, Kayabwe.

Arrived safely at Whitecrest Guest House at 4.30pm.

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