Uganda 2018 – 14th May

Monday 14th May

A gentle morning started for Roger with an early rise to watch the dawn over Kisoro and Mt. Muhabura and to post images on Facebook. Today is our last full day in Kisoro. We travel to Kampala tomorrow. It will be a 7 hour drive. Bishop Cranmer has negotiated a good rate for us for the journey. It will cost us 570,000 UgSh ….. sounds a lot but it is about £120 at the local exchange rate. Mid-morning we walked into Kisoro and did a little shopping before having lunch at The Coffee Pot – Guacamole and Chapati.

In the afternoon, Bishop Cranmer took us to the border with the Congo and we were given permission to cross and return by customs officers.We had a different experience at the border gate at the other end of the crossing. The customs officers for the DRC were great, they allowed us to enter the DRC temporarily and even gave permission for photographs to be taken, but then a relatively young man not in uniform who had a big car, called us over and threatened to put Cranmer in jail, then he took my phone and scrutinised all the photographs before giving us a stern rebuke for taking photograph without permission.

We wondered who he was, the customs officers told us to take no notice of him, they had given permission for the photographs. Still, it leaves one wondering, ……… given that government structures are weak in the DRC and given the story in the news recently of two British people being kidnapped and then released in the eastern part of the Congo.

Anyway, we got our 10 minutes in a different country!☺ We got a few photos to prove it, and Roger did not, in the end, lose his phone!After our border experience, we stopped off on the south side of the main road at a small hill, Sagitwe and climbed it. In the past, it was a volcano and the caldera still remains. The whole hill is intensively farmed. At the top we also had a good view of the Virunga Mountains.We spent the early evening with Cranmer and Hope, and then completed our packing.

Our home over the past week has been Muhubura View Guesthouse ( which is owned by the Diocese of Muhabura. It sits on a hill overlooking Kisoro and the Virunga Mountains.The Guest House from the Bishop’s compound.

It is very close to the Bishop’s house.


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