Uganda 2018 – 6th May

Sunday 6th May 2018

Stephen and his daughter Martha.

A friend holds Stephen and Brenda’s first child, Ethan

We attended All Saints’ Church in Rukungiri this morning. Jo preached at the English speaking service at 9.00am, which included a baptism.

Roger was the second of two preachers at the vernacular service at 10.30am. Alice had the unenviable job of translating for a very excitable preacher!

We finished the morning services at about 1.30 pm. A long day’s work! ………

We spent much of the rest of the day relaxing, apart from a short walk to see Gables Vocational Training Centre, another of John and Alice’s projects and one which Ashton-under-Lyne churches supported by contributing to the cost of a borehole and hand pump.

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