Uganda 2018 – 5th May

Saturday 5th May 2018

After a long day travelling yesterday, we took our time getting up today.

We then had a bit of time around Rukungiri.

Coffee beans being dried in the sun close to Rukungiri Modern Primary School.

The view from our bedroom window.

Rukungiri – A: Rondavels Hotel; B: Gables Technical School; C: All Saints Church; D: Rukungiri Modern Primary School; E: Rukungiri Modern Nursery School; F: the house Roger stayed in in 1997.

And we were able to visit the two parts of Rukungiri Modern School, the Nursery and the Primary Schools. It is school holidays at present, so any pictures of children in school unform in this post are from earlier visits or photos taken by others.

Sheep grazing on the playing field at the Nursery School.

Rukungiri Modern Nursery School above, Rukungiri Modern Primary School below.

Banner from Manchester in 2013.

School Kitchens!

School toilets!

We also visited the home that I, Roger, stayed in with John and Alice in 1997, which is now used by a carpenter.

A plan to travel to Katwekamwe, John and Alice’s home village was postponed because of rain.

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