Uganda 2018 – 7th May

Monday 7th May 2018

A little shopping in the morning was followed by a trip to an apple farm, or more precisely an apple tree nursery, where we were asked to give a short talk to trainees about how apples are farmed in the UK! Not exactly in line with our expertise but …….

In the afternoon, Stephen and Roger travelled to John and Alice’s home village, Katwekamwe, a few miles outside Rukungiri.

Katwekamwe Church

Views from the hill behind the church at Katwekamwe are below.

Jo’s strongest memory of Katwekamwe was that this was the place where she first experienced an auction after the morning service. Many gifts from local people were made in kind and then at the end of the service they were auctioned off to add to the value of the Sunday collection! The next couple of pictures come from that auction in 2001! At the time, the church had no window glass and no floor. The auction raised some money towards the cost of a floor.

We finished the day with a roast leg of lamb for our evening meal.😊😊

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