Uganda 2018 – 8th May

Tuesday 8th May 2018

Just over a week left in Uganda and today we travelled from Rukungiri to Kisoro. A full journey on tarmac is an unusual experience! A journey that used to take perhaps 6 hours on murram roads took around 3 hours today.

We set off from Rukungiri at about 8.00am, a little late because of a flat tyre, and were in Kisoro soon after 11.00am. Even on tarmac the journey can be quite draining. English people complain about road humps, but our have nothing on Ugandan ones!

Fierce rumble strips which have the vehicle bouncing around

precede a road hump which can be as much as 500mm (18 inches) high! And although painted when first installed, they become much less visible with age.

We travelled via Ntungamo (

and Kabale

before joining the newest tarmac on the route, the mountain road between Kabale and Kisoro. The road was completed about 2015 and climbs out of Kabale before dropping back down to the end of Lake Bunyonyi and then rising again to pass through the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and then dropping down again to Kisoro which is at a height of over 5,000ft. Pictures of the new road are below. …..

En route, we stopped for a short while at the head of Lake Bunyonyi.

The water from the head of Lake Bunyonyi sets off on its journey toward Lake Edward and eventually into the Nile!

The pictures below are © Helen Suk and show Lake Bunyonyi from above.

After the mountain road, Mt. Muhabura and Kisoro were a welcome sight!

Once we arrived at Muhabura View Guest House we spent the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying the views in Kisoro.

1 thought on “Uganda 2018 – 8th May

  1. Sirius

    I would never have thought the road ramp mania had spread as far as Uganda! It’s a lovely country, and it looks there’s not too much plastic waste around, unlike in many other “exotic” places…


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