Uganda 2018 – 3rd May

Thursday 3rd May

Pedigree long-horns

A goat being sold!

Alice bringing wood for bean poles.

Matoke being prepared!

The local milk carrier’s motorbike.

In the picture above the cattle are pedigree long-horns. Many Ankole long-horn cattle will have brown or grey horns and are not pure-bred. John hopes to improve yields of milk by cross-breeding high-quality Ankole cattle with Fresians and Holsteins. He also wants to maintain a pedigree herd which will mean that the planned agricultural field centre on the site will be a centre of excellence for the breed. Their horns are amazing, almost completely white and much larger than the less pure-bred examples elsewhere.

After a bit of a lie-in we went to Mpara Market via the petrol station and the mill. At the mill, we paid for the grinding of three large bags of flour to make Posho – 75,000 Ugsh or £15

At the market we were shadowed by someone the whole time who was looking for an opportunity to commit mischief, we were also of interest to quite a few people who had not seen white people before!

The track from the farm to the road.

Long-horn cattle about to set off from the market!

The livestock route from the sales-pens to the lorries.

In the evening, Vicar and Lay Reader came round to say farewell. We showed them pictures of Ashton-under-Lyne and Droylsden. In the early evening we took a few pictures around the farm. …………….

Peeling beans!

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