Uganda 2018 – 2nd May

Wednesday 2nd May 2018

Alice took us on a tour of her part of the farmland this morning. Among other things we saw loads of beans and plantain, plenty of passion-fruit, pumpkin, maize, cassava, chinese gooseberries, apples, mangos, pawpaw, chickens, geese, rabbits and goats. There are just a few photos below ….

John’s focus is on the cattle and we’ll see more of them in a later post.

In the afternoon, “2.00pm sharp,” said John, we were to head off with the local vicar and lay reader to a daughter church to the south-west of Kijongobya. The two of us were ready as requested. The vicar and lay reader turned up at just before 2.00pm and we sat down for a short while to talk. Then, at about 2.15pm, lunch was served! We did not set off until after 3.00pm!

The visit was to St. John, Kishagazi. We both were expected to preach once again and the ‘short event of little more than an hour’ (John again!), turned out to be a 3-hour event followed by a meal! The hospitality was great and the food was good.

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