21st April 2015 – Stephen and Brenda

I spent most of the day with Stephen and Brenda. They go back to the village tomorrow – to Rukungiri to share cake with friends and family who could not come to the wedding. They have a small house down the hill from White Crest away from the Entebbe Road and Lubowa which Stephen has been renting for the past 6 months. Enjoyed a big meal of matoke, rice, beans, meat and roast potatoes followed by pineapple and water melon. I had my first home made passion fruit juice of the stay in Uganda – something Jo really likes.

100_6179100_6176100_6175100_6174100_6180 100_6173

I had quite a surprise this morning because in among my emails was one from Google+. I have an account with them but have never used it. Apparently their computers have been beavering away in the background creating different ‘stories’ with some of my photos over the past few years. They have just automatically sent me a link to a two day story that has been created from some of my time in Uganda. It happens to relate to the time in Kisoro and shows the two water tanks. So I thought I’d paste the link here just in case it can be read without a password:


And finally …. Jo will know what I mean by this …. so ask her. Just a little bit of a Nice moment! SimonPeter and Lisa’s dog has a litter of puppies.

100_6191 100_6193 100_6182 100_6199 100_6198 100_6195

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