20th April – Farmland!

John left today to drive to the farmland.100_6166

About 5 years ago John and Alice bought land to farm so as to provide food for the school they run in Rukungiri. They had to go quite a distance to get enough land ata price that they could afford. This is where John and Alice have their farm. It is a very under-developed area with no electricity or running water.

The village: Kijongobya

The sub-district: Mpare

The district: Kyegegwa

The nearest town: Kyegegwa

Region: Toro

You can find out about Kyegegwa on this site:


images (1)

Their farm is a little north of the river about 20 km to the East of Katonga Game Reserve (there are maps below).

This is Katonga Game Reserve:


The farm is around 3 to 4 hours drive from Rukungiri but the land was very cheap as the area was underdeveloped. Land is fertile in the area, so it is a very good investment. John has now been given care of the local Parish of 8 churches and John and Alice have already started a Primary School in the area. A friend from the UK is hoping to fund the first part of a project to build a Secondary School.

This link might give a good idea of the location of Kyegegwa District you might need to copy and paste it to your browser to get it to work.

2015_04_20_18.40.33 2015_04_20_18.39.19 2015_04_20_18.36.48


Just for comparison, here is a map showing Rukungiri’s location.

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