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Guesting Well ……

One good indication of the difference between cultures is how we engage in hospitality. Jayson Georges posted about his experiences early in 2015 in on his blog. The story revolves around Russian New Year and also includes some pink slippers!

How we give and receive hospitality is of great importance to the building of relationships, no more so than in cultures where honour and shame are important dynamics..

Research on Different Cultures – Anxiety/Fear-based, Shame/Honour-based, Guilt-based.

A Culture Test has been developed by Jayson George which he hopes will provide some objective statistical cultural analysis. Every culture has a wide range of ways of relating and making judgements. No one culture can be described as having only one particular dynamic. The research seems to support this, but at present it is based only on a relatively small number of respondents.

It is also interesting that the largest number of respondents are from and Asian background!

Shame and Social Media!


Before you click on the link below it is worth stopping for a moment to ask yourself one question: “How important to me is the number of Facebook ‘friends’ I have?”

Jayson Georges suggests that when we seek our self-worth and value  through the following that we have on social media we are placing status above relationship, which ultimately is a pursuit of selfishness!

Honor and Shame in Africa

I have been working on a book for some time now about Shame, Grace and the Cross. I recently asked one of my college lecturers to review the work I have done. He came back to me with a lot of very helpful comments.

One of those comments asked me to reflect on how broad the consensus is between majority world theologians on matters of Honour and Shame and the Gospel. He could see a plethora of references in my draft to theologians from the Far East, but nothing significant from Africa or India and only minimal references to work from the Americas.

In the light of this I echo Jayson Georges’ question:  … What resources are available, particularly from Africa but also from India and the Americas?

An Afghan Wedding

Over the past few days I have been posting about my wedding experiences in Uganda. Here is an example of what can happen at weddings in Afghanistan and the incredible costs that cultural expactations can lay on the groom! The risk of shaming is significant.