N Gauge Hereford 2022

It has been a while since I posted about my layout.

We have now moved to Telford and the powers that be have generously allocated a relatively large bedroom for the layout. Some compromises are inevitable as the space is smaller than the loft in the Vicarage in Ashton-under-Lyne.

Staging has been built and my library is close to being sorted out. I will need one new fiddle yard, the electrics will need connecting board to board for the layout and some damage will need to be rectified.

Completing the staging is a good step forward!

Just a few pictures …..

The wiring above is new connections from the board I am supposed to be working on which will connect sections which originally relied only on the track connection across the board joints!

6 thoughts on “N Gauge Hereford 2022

  1. John Raithby

    Looking good, good luck with the rebuild in the new location. I read all of your posts & find them really interesting. All the best, John in Lincolnshire.

  2. Tim Cooney

    Great stuff Roger, where do you find the time to move, research and write articles, model and do the day job? Kind regards, Tim (AKA Moonglum NGF)


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