The Flour Mill Colliery and The Flour Mill Ltd again!

We were staying in the Forest of Dean in September 2020 and followed the Bream Heritage Walk. Details of the walk can be found on my blog, [1] and independently on-line here. [2]

The walk passes alongside the engineering works at Flour Mill Colliery. [3] We spent a while walking round the industrial site before continuing our walk.

“The Flour Mill is a listed building which was converted to a railway workshop in 1995 – 1996, and used as such since 1996. The Flour Mill Ltd operates the business in the building undertaking work repairing and overhauling steam locomotives.” [3] Please note that this is a working site and not a visitor attraction.

It was possible, from outside the boundaries of the site, to take a number of photographs which might be of interest. …..

Locomotive boiler and driving wheels/axles. Others may be able to give an idea of the provenance, 1st September 2020.








These two photographs show Locomotive TDK 4015 ‘Karel’ outside the main works building. This locomotive was imported to UK and moved to the Avon Valley Railway. It was withdrawn in 2013, and sent to the Flour Mill in the Forest of Dean for overhaul. It returned to traffic September 2016 but was back under repair again in 2020. It was made by Fablok, Poland in 1947. [4][5] (1st September 2020).

Another locomotive boiler and the site crane, 1st September 2020.

These two images show a railway crane awaiting refurbishment. I will have to rely on others to provide more information! (1st September 2020).

The next series of images are all taken from the North boundary of the site.

More information about the site can be found on The Flour Mill’s website. [3]


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6 thoughts on “The Flour Mill Colliery and The Flour Mill Ltd again!

  1. Ken Jones

    TKH49 NO. 4015 “KAREL” -Construction year: 1947 -No.4015 – Builder/Number: Fablok, Poland
    Normally at Avon Valley Railway

  2. Ken Jones

    Crane is 95213 – history is [dates are when recorded]
    Bream – The Flour Mill 17 Oct 2019
    Swindon & Cricklade Railway 23 Feb 2002
    Plymouth Laira TMD 5 Apr 1987
    Plymouth Laira 3 Aug 1986
    Swindon Works 23 Feb 1982
    Bristol 3 Jun 1981
    Old Oak Common 0 Apr 1974

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  4. rogerfarnworth Post author

    Just received these comments from Peter Scammell. ….


    The crane that you ask for details of is ADRR 95213 (ZIP), a 45 ton steam breakdown crane built by Ransomes and Rapier for the GWR in 1940. It’s GWR number was 19.

    This crane was transferred to Laira, it’s final allocation, in around 1984 (See

    ADRR 95213 was withdrawn in around 1986 and purchased by Bill Parker. This crane was taken to Swindon for use at the then Swindon Railway Works project, it was moved to the Flour Mill in the early 1990’s.


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