Ligne du Littoral (Toulon to St. Raphael) – Part 15 – November 2018 Visits to the Line (Chemins de Fer de Provence 81)

On 13th and 16th November 2018, my wife (Jo) and I walked around St. Raphael and took some photographs of the location of Le Macaron railway station and updated the post below accordingly.

On 14th November we traced the line of Le Macaron between Ste. Maxine and St. Raphael. I was able as a result to add a PostScript to my earlier blog post on that length of Le Macaron. The revised post can be found at:

On Sunday 18th November, Jo and I travelled from St. Raphael, via the Sunday Market in Le Muy, to Hyeres. We also enjoyed an hour or so on the spit of land extending out from Hyeres towards Iles d’Hyeres and we had lunch next to La Tour Fondue. We spent the rest of the day following Le Macaron from Hyeres to Sainte-Maxime.

Nothing I saw on the journey caused me concern about the text of the series of blog posts about the route that I have written.

I was able to take a few pictures while on the journey, although there was little time to stop if the full journey was to be completed in daylight!

On the journey we were also able to make three detours. The first, to Les Bormettes and the site of the old torpedo factory at what is now known as Miramar. The second to the old perched village of Bormes les Mimosa. The third to St. Tropez.

We took a few photographs on Sunday 18th November and these follow at the end of this blog postpost, together with a few from other sources.

The relevant links to my blog are:

Some photographs … The majority my own, others are referenced below.

Le Muy, 18th November 2018.Le Muy, Sunday Market. [1]The remaining station at Hyeres is the SNCF standard-gauge station. [2]A view out to sea from close to the branch-line to the torpedo factory (long-gone) at Miramar. The picture was taken on 18th November 2018.The railway station building at La Londe-les-Maures taken from what was the line of the railway just to the West of the station on 18th November 2018.The railway station building at La Londe-les-Maures taken from the South.The railway station building at La Londe-les-Maures taken from what was the line of the railway just to the East of the station. This image was also captured on 18th November 2018.Clearly this image was not taken in November! we drove around the village which sits high above the valley below and as a result high above its ancient railway station. [3]The old station building at Cavalaire-sur-Mer taken from the North on 18th November 2018.The same building also pictured on 18th November 2018. in remodelling the centre of the town the authorities have chosen to reflect its railway history by building a ‘railway’ into the paving. Flat metal and wooden piecs have been used to good effect.The old village centred on the station and the present town has reflected that by running the ‘railway’ through the centre and, as can be seen in the image below has created a series of benches that mimic the old railway wagons of Le Macaron.This image shows one of the buildings associated with the old branch-line to St. Tropez. It was also taken on 18th November 2018 as the sun was beginning to set. Evidnce of the existence of the station is preserved in the name of the road as the image below highlights.The old station area in St. Tropez now forms a large tourist car-park as can be seen in this image taken on 18th November 2018.St. Tropez in the evening sun on 18th November 2018.


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