Uganda 2018 – 11th May

Friday 11th May 2018

11th May, oops, Roger nearly forgot it’s his birthday!

An early start this morning, after a good breakfast. We travelled to Nshungwe on the DRC border for a parish confirmation service.

We arrived at 10.00am after an hour’s journey over murram roads. Unusually, in this area, the roads were very sandy. Most roads are pumice stone and dark soil in the Kisoro area. A major income earner in this part of the diocese is making bricks.

When we arrived, breakfast was served!

We robed and walked up to the church which was full!The 28 confirmations preceded the sermon which Jo enjoyed preaching. After the service there was some traditional dancing which Roger ended up getting caught up in!We were then given lunch before we set off back towards Kisoro. We spent 6 hours in all, travelling and at Nshugwe. We had a quick visit to our room before heading out again. We enjoyed a visit to the giving-away ceremony which precedes one of tomorrow’s weddings. Local custom has the bride being bartered over at the giving-away ceremony before her family agree to her becoming part of her future husband’s family. This is largely ceremonial now-a-days.After this we joined members of Cranmer and Hope’s families at their home after the death of one of the family.

We were glad to get back to the Guest House after what was a very long day.  Somehow during the day, Jo conjured up at cake for Roger’s birthday and we shared it with Cranmer and Hope.

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