Uganda 2018 – 28th April

Saturday 28th April 2018

Intended an early start for the journey to Kyegegwa and Kijongobya and our visit to John and Alice’s farmland. Set off about an hour later than intended and found ourselves waiting for a SIM at the MTN offices for not far off 3 hours.

On the Fort Portal road by about 1.00pm. The first couple of miles is now dual carriageway.

Stopped at the Esuubi Cafe for a coffee and cake at about 4.00pm.

Arrived at the farmland at about 6.30pm. The last 22km from Kyegegwa were on murram road.

This is probably as remote as it gets in a heavy populated country like Uganda. Land in this part of Uganda is cheap. There is no electricity or other services. Before John and Alice bought land here there was no effective school in the most local village.

They are developing the farmland and local area with boreholes but as yet no permanent way of pumping the water around. Solar panels provide just enough power for charging phones and lights.

Greetings from Revd. John Tumusiime!😇😃😃.

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