Heading Back to the UK

I fly from Entebbe airport this evening arriving back in the UK after a short stopover in Amsterdam in the early morning. Jo and I then head off on holiday. I’ve enjoyed doing quite a bit of theological reading over the past 2 or 3 days and you can have a look at some of the issues I’ve been reading and reflecting on under the pull-down menu ‘Shame the Gospel and the Cross’ on my blog.

I thought it would be good to leave you with a series of different images.

First a variety of different images from Kampala which show the contrasts between rich and poor and which also show something of it’s beauty.

images (5) images (4) images (3) images (2)

download (4)

I also wanted to let you see where Jo and I will be on holiday – so here are a few photos to finish the post.

The Cottage is called Tigh SgeirGael and it is sited  a kilometre or so from any other building immediately above the sea under the cliffs of Gribun on the Isle of Mull.

download (10) download (9) download (8) download (7) download (6) download (5)

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