Hereford – The Construction of Barrs Court Station 5

David continues:

Once the fixative has dried the various door and window spaces can be carefully removed and the elevations cut out. This process and the various stages in construction are shown in figs. 26-39, below.

Doors and windows were printed onto glossy photo-paper, cut out and glued behind the appropriate apertures. It was not possible to produce transparent windows, so the glass was coloured navy-black, and in some cases, notably the platform and front elevations of the buffet where illuminated from within, these were copied straight from the photographs.

IM000009.JPG IM000015.JPG IM000016.JPG IM000019.JPG IM000013.JPG IM000012.JPG IM000014.JPG IM000020.JPG IM000024.JPG IM000034.JPG IM000032.JPG IM000033.JPG IM000036.JPG IM000044.JPG

1 thought on “Hereford – The Construction of Barrs Court Station 5

  1. martin grimmett

    hi,, i came across your article and i am happy to find it as i myself am trying to model Hereford station in n gauge but i am not clever enough to go from photos to working plans as you have. I am wondering if you would be prepared to sell me plans to print off myself please


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