Christmas – Religion-Lite?

I222239-A-Virgin-Birth- like the article below.

I guess it reflects the approach that many of us have to Christmas and to the Anglican Church (C of E). Tim Lott seems to have caught something of our British psyche in a very short article.

However, just to be clear about what I am saying: I believe in the Virgin birth, and in miracles, … the Christian faith is everything to me and I do believe that Jesus really is God’s Son, both divine and human. So, I am like the Vicar in Tim’s article.

Yes, I am a Vicar, so I should believe!?! But as Tim Lott points out, one of the endearing realities of the C of E is that while I and many others really do believe these things, we don’t feel constrained to force our beliefs on others. We really do believe that it is possible for God to do the talking.

It really is great when we see people in church at Christmas time!!!!

It is good that there remains a strong sense of goodwill towards all this stuff among the wider population, even if people are a little circumspect about whether they really believe it or not.

I hope that, in encountering a story once again –  a story that is so tied up with our national identity – our hearts are warmed, our desire to be at peace and to work with others is increased, and that, just possibly, there is room for God to meet with us and speak to us in a way which each of us can hear, and to which we might just respond!!!!

Great article Tim!

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