Two bits of news from Uganda!

Rukungiri in North Kigezi Diocese

The latest news from Rukungiri is in the newsletter from Rukungiri Orphan Partnership

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Uganda Water Tanks News! Kisoro in Muhabura Diocese

Jo and I met with Bishop Cramer and Hope Mugisha in Didsbury on Friday. It was lovely to see them again. They were able to provide an update on what has been happening about the water tanks funded by churches in Ashton Deanery. Bishop Cranmer writes: ‘Dear partners in mission, we thank God for the work done constructing water tanks in the Diocese of Muhabura with your support. We commissioned and handed over the water tanks in Nyakimanga and at Sesame Girl’s school recently. I was able to officiate at the commissioning and handover of the water tanks.’

‘People present at the ceremonies were so appreciative to the Diocese and you, our partners, who saw their suffering and constructed for them a water tank. Someone from Nyakimanga testified: “We used to walk many kilometres to Lake Chahafi, but now we thank God for this tank. We now have water in our village. The parish priest also says thank you: “before the tank was constructed I got my water from Rwanda or from the water tap in Chanika” (some kilometres away).’

Bishop Cranmer brought pictures with him of the commissioning of the water tank in Nyakimanga. here is one of them.





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