16th April 2015

The plan: travel to Kampala …. not sure how …..!

This got slightly more clear during the first few days in Uganda. But in the end did not quite go according to plan. There was no electricity in the morning so it was an early start to get packed in the dark and get breakfast by candlelight at 5.00am.IMAG1301

Bishop Cranmer came to see me off from the guest house. My lift down to the bus did not materialise, so Cranmer put me in the diocesan vehicle and took me down in time for the 6.30am bus ….. which did not leave until 7.05am.

It was a good journey up though the hills to Kabale and then on through the Kabale hills towards Ntungamo. But …… just a few mikes short of Ntungamo something in the transmission on the bus failed. One of the staff from Bismarkan went off to Ntungamo to get a mechanic and we all stood around waiting for an hour or more. The mechanic did a lot of clever things with a hammer and some spanners underneath the coach but seemingly to no avail!

The offending bus! As you can see, not quite the same quality as the one on last night's blog!

The offending bus! As you can see, not quite the same quality as the one on last night’s blog!

Some us managed to squeeze onto another bus. My carefully laid plans of a double seat and luggage with me were to no avail as the luggage all went in the compartment under the seats and I stood for a distance before someone got off the coach and I got a seat.

At 6.00pm, or thereabouts, I got off the coach at Busega, got some charge into the phone at one of the charging booths, got some credit on the phone, contacted Alice and then, after an entertaining chat with some young men, found a taxi and travelled round the Kampala suburbs to Lebowa and Whitecrest Guesthouse.




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