Bishop Mark at St. Peter’s School

On Tuesday 11th March 2014 – the Bishop of Middleton, Rt. Revd. Mark Davies visited St. Peter’s School in Ashton, one of our 5 church schools. The school has recently been confirmed as one of the top 1% improving schools in the country!

After arriving at the school, Bishop Mark met with the school council – they asked him loads of questions!

Bishop Mark visited every classroom in the school and the children shared with him what they were working on.

After the morning’s lessons, the children assembled in the school hall for collective worship which was led by Bishop Mark.

Bishop Mark explained the role and function of his ‘bishop gear’.

St Peter’s visitor book:

‘I cannot begin to say how much I have enjoyed my visit….it goes beyonds words.
St Peter’s is enormously inspirational. I’m going home feeling so blessed and so thankful for your work.
May God continue to truly bless you all.’

Bishop Mark

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